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TPU-Yellow Grade 3 has a .030 wall. This is a Urethane hose with external yellow helix for abrasion resistance. Most popular and recommended hose for home owner applications.

6", 7", 8" by 25ft. and 50ft. lengths ship via truck freight only. Please call for shipping quote.
Stainless steel 9/16" Wide Band - these are RIGHT hand clamps designed to fit our leaf vac hose!

How to tell a right-hand spiral from a left-hand spiral:

Look at the end of your leaf vac hose:

A right-hand spiral twists away from you clockwise direction

A left-hand spiral twists away from you in a counter-clockwise direction

Please Note our 678 Hose Clamp fits 6", 7" and 8" Hoses
TYPE N BLUE 045 WALL Features

1.) Smooth Interior Wall
2.) Small Gauge Wire Construction
3.) Flexible
4.) Light Weight
5.) Translucent
6.) Most Popular Vac Hose Upgrade!

Leaf Vac Hose clear urethane grade 4 tpu .030 wall
Leaf Vac Hose for Large Diameter Needs

Choose from 10", 12", 14" 16" and 18" Hose Diameters.

Need something even bigger? Call for pricing and delivery options.

Note: Some hose may require 10-14 business days lead time.
Available in 5" Diameter ONLY. Made by Goodyear, this PVC/Urethane blended 030 wall hose has a PVC helix. Very Light. Very Flexible. Very Durable. Features a translucent wall with a black spiral. Extremely easy to handle.
Leaf Vac Hose clear urethane grade 4 tpu .030 wall
All clear urethane 030 wall hose with a wire helix.
Ultra flexible hose
We rate this hose at Grade 4 only because it does not have a PVC abrasive resistant helix
Municipal grade extra heavy duty 060 wall clear urethane hose. Only sold in 10", 12", 14", 16", AND 18" ID size. Must ship via motor freight.

Identifying Your Current Leaf Vacuum Hose

The main difficulty in selecting a Leaf Vac Hose is determining if it is made of PVC,TPR or Urethane. Listed below is a simple test to solve this problem.
Locate a Medium ball point pen; avoid a fine point pen if possible. Attempt to pierce your old hose with the pen tip. An average man or woman will be able to pierce a hole in the PVC OR TPR hose with less than a 50% effort.

A Urethane hose is much tougher and most likely will not pierce unless you apply "Gorilla" strength to your arm when you insert the pen. A .030 Wall Urethane hose will leave a small pimple on the inside of the hose when you apply a 70% effort to the pen insertion process. A .045 wall Urethane hose will cause the pen to break or bend when applying 100% effort. Some Leaf Vac Hoses have an internal wire; some have a PVC external support. Most consumers find no significant advantage for either construction.

Leaf Vac Hose 101

TPR Hose = Thermoplastic Rubber. This is a Rubber Plastic Blend Hose that is the least expensive of all Leaf Vac Hose. When touched with your Thumb and Index finger it feels similar to a Heavy Duty Rubber Band. TPR has minimal Puncture resistance. It is always Black in color with a Yellow, Orange or Black PVC Helix Wire for construction.

Urethane .030 Wall = Considered the most popular hose used by Manufacturers of Leaf Collection Equipment. The color of the tube is either clear or all black. Construction may consist of a Wire or PVC Helix. The Most popular PVC Helix color is Yellow or Black, Green is a possibility. 030 and 045 wall can be easily determined if you use the “Ball Point Pen Test”

Urethane .045 Wall = This hose almost always has a Wire Helix Construction. The Tube color is Blue, Clear or Black. Hose is used on Municipality Grade Leaf Collection Equipment or is used by Landscapers who are looking for a Traditional Leaf Vacuum Hose that has high puncture resistant characteristics.

PVC = This style Leaf Vac hose is rarely used due to its inability to with stand punctures. The Hose is usually clear with a Black PVC Helix. If you attempt the “Ball Point Pen Test” you will find that it easy punctures.

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We hope this helps you understand Leaf Vac Hose choices.

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