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A light weight PVC Hose that is very flexible.
This hose reduces Employee complaints
regarding hose flexibility and weight.

These items ship via Freight, please call 434-392-9833 for shipping quote.

LW Mulch Hose

40% Lighter than the Average Mulch Hose
2X as Flexible

Limited Quantities Available
Please Call for Availability

Must Ship Freight

Made in the USA

Tiger Flex Mulch Lt.

This hose is exactly the same as Red Mulch Hose but uses
a different PVC compound considered by most contractors
to be more flexible then Red Mulch Hose.

This product ships via Truck Freight.
Made by Tiger Flex.

Once the most popular hose in the industry, its popularity
is being rapidly overtaken by our green hose. Made from
a PVC compound with a Heavy Thick Wall. This is stout hose.

These items are Freight Deliveries, please call for shipping quote.

Most Durable of all Tiger Flex
Mulch Hoses products.
Out Lasts traditional hoses by
more then 50%.

These items ship via Freight, please call for shipping quote.

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