Unmatched Hose Assemblies Disclaimer

Matched and Unmatched Hose Assemblies

Learning Document and Disclaimer

This is an Important Learning and Due Diligence document provided to you from Universal Hose and Fittings LLC. The content of this document will provide you valuable information when choosing a Supplier of Hose and Fittings. The decision to fabricate your own hose assemblies is considered a responsibility to which one should take seriously the topic of Hose Assembly Integrity and Safety.

A Matched Hose Assembly System

A Matched System provides the buyer a Hose and Hose Coupling that are supplied from the same Hose Assembly System provider or Manufacturer. These products have been tested to all SAE requirements for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies. It is generally assumed by the majority of Industry professionals and end users that a Matched System provides the buyer, user and the distributor the peace of mind that the products supplied have been tested and approved in advance by the Manufacture or Hose Assembly System Provider.

A Unmatched System

A Unmatched Hose Assembly System is a system in which Hydraulic Hose and Hose Couplings have been tested and meet all SAE and Industry standards as stand alone products but not necessarily as a Hose Assembly. Unmatched Systems have grown in favor with end users in the 21 st Century primarily due to the demand by consumers for lower cost products.A Unmatched System is created by the consumer or fabricator of Hose Assemblies when they make a decision to purchase based either price or availability. It is not a system necessarily approved by the vendor.

Matched vs. Unmatched Hydraulic Hose Assembly Systems

It is imperative that Consumers make choices based on their on specific needs ,requirements and concerns regarding their choice of Matched vs. Unmatched Hose Assembly Systems. In general those parties most concerned with Product Liability issues will choose Matched Hose Assembly Systems. Those parties concerned primarily with Price will typically choose Unmatched Systems.

Request for Matched Hose Assembly Systems

All orders for Matched Hose Assembly Systems must be placed via email or by telephone. Customers must indicate. “Matched Products only Please” when purchasing.

A list of our Matched Hose Assembly Systems providers can be provided at the customers request.

Universal Hose and Fittings LLC Disclaimer regarding Unmatched Hose Assembly Systems

Universal Hose and Fittings LLC offers its customers both Matched and UnMatched Hose Assembly Systems from a variety of Sources. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make the decision of Matched or Unmatched Hose Assembly Systems prior to any sale. The Hydraulic Hose and Hose Couplings we offer on our shopping cart web site are designed for those consumers interested in the lowest price. Any consumer who makes a purchase at our shopping cart web site is making a decision to participate in some form of Unmatched Hose Assembly System. When an Internet Customer places an order via our shopping cart web site our Company is placed in a position of having no knowledge of several key factors.

Any purchase of Interchange Weatherhead or Interchange Parker Hose or Fittings via our shopping cart web site will be treated as a request by the buyer for an Unmatched System. We will ship the appropriate part that is relevant to either the Parker Interchange or Weatherhead Interchange Product. Universal Hose and Fittings LLC is not responsible for any improperly fabricated Hose Assemblies by any consumer. We are also not Liable in any capacity for Loss Profits, Equipment Damage or any Incidental or Consequential damages of any kind what so ever resulting in Loss of Life or Injury from any Hose Assembly Fabricated by a customer.

Types of Industry Suppliers of Hose and Fittings



A Manufacture is generally a company who owns their own facilities for the purpose of producing their own brand of Hydraulic Hose, Hose Couplings and Crimpers. They supply only Matched Hose and Fittings.

Wholesale Importer

A Wholesale Importer is a Company who stocks a variety of Brands of Hose and Fittings. Generally speaking these companies do not provide Hose Assembly Systems. They purchase products and resell at discount prices. A Wholesale Importer rarely sells Hose Crimping Machinery.

Hose Assembly Systems Providers

A Hose Assembly System Provider is any Company who does not manufacture the complete product line of Hose, Hose Fittings and Crimpers. These types of Suppliers may make Fittings but not Hose. These types of providers generally outsource production of materials then have the products private labeled. These types of suppliers test their Hose Assemblies to the same standards as do Manufactures. Hose Assembly System providers offer the same product Warranties and Liability standards as do Manufactures. Generally speaking these types of Companies sell product below the typical Manufactures prices.


A Distributor is a Company who has access to the above three entities. The product is purchased and resold. The products sold may or may not be a Matched Hose Assembly System. Some Distributors only offer Matched Systems from one Supplier or Manufacture. Other Distributors offer a variety of products to meet the needs of their customers or the market they are pursuing.

Universal Hose and Fittings LLC is a Distributor of Hose and Fittings products. One of those product lines is Hydraulic Hose and Fittings. As a Distributor we are providing you access to parts that you may not be able to purchase directly from Industry Manufacturers, Wholesale Importers, or Hose Assembly System Suppliers. The service we are providing is access to these products. As a Distributor we try to meet the needs of customers to the best of our ability. We are not in a position to approve or sanction customer decisions regarding Unmatched Systems.