Hose Fittings for 100R7, 100R8, and 100R18 Thermoplastic Hose
Successful crimping thermoplastic hose starts with using the correct fitting with the correct hose!

Hose Fittings for 100R7, 100R8, and 100R18 Thermoplastic Hose

"E" Series

The "E" Series Hose Fittings were created by Weatherhead in the 1970's. This series of fitting is only sold to customers who use Weatherhead Crimpers and who have purchased the correct dies. The "E" series is to be used on 100R7 Reduced OD Hose only on sizes -04 and -06. Size -08 can be used on Standard OD Hose. This series is not recommended for 100R8 or 100R18 style hose.

"Eaton Synflex/ Parker Parflex Series"

The Synflex /Parflex Series Hose Fittings are typically considered a Swage Style Hose Coupling but can also be crimped. This series is compatible to the Synflex 3903 or 903 series or the traditional Parker Parflex 55 Series. This series should not be used on Reduced OD 100R7 Hose. It is compatible with most Manufacturers of 100R18, 100R8 and 100R7 Standard OD Thermoplastic Hose.

"U" Series

The "U" Series Hose Fittings were traditional designed by Weatherhead for 100R2 style Hose. In recent years however Eaton /Weatherhead has approved this Hose Fitting for certain sizes of 100R7, 100R8 and 100R18 hose. You should contact our customer service personnel for details.

"K" Series

The "K" Series is a two piece construction consisting of a Hose Barb with a Ferrule. The Price quoted on our web site includes both pieces. The "K" series in our opinion offers the best performance and appearance regarding Hose Assemblies. The "K" series also offers a huge amount of choices including Metric. The two piece construction provides a very low profile crimp . "K" series Fittings are never to be used in any Positive Stop Crimper such as Parker or Weatherhead. "K" series Fittings must be crimped with an adjustable style Hose Crimper.

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