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How to Protect Your Hydraulic Hose

Why protect your hydraulic hose anyway? To save time and money!

If you have a hose you are constantly replacing due to abrasion or wear issues - it makes sense to prolong the life of that hose!
We offer three ways to protect your hose.
1) Spring Guard - spring guard is added before your hose is made as it will NOT properly fit over an assembled hose. (As with anything, you CAN make it work but we have yet to find a reasonable solution to that so make sure the spring guard goes on when the hose is made.)
Note: Order the size to match your hose - i.e. 1/4" spring guard will fit 1/4" hose.
2) Hose Sleeve - again hose sleeve is best put on when the hose is made, however it IS easier to add to a hose that is already made.You'll need to make sure the sleeve is large enough to fit over the hose end. You can also protect two
or more hoses if the sleeve is large enough. Secure the hose sleeve with zip ties or band clamps.
3) Hose Wrap - can be added either before or after the hose is made! Hose Wrap also offers protection against Ultraviolet (UV) light and abrasion. It also provides protection against crushing. You can bundle two or more hoses with it. Note this wrap can protect many things besides hydraulic hose! You are only limited by your imagination. Hose Wrap comes in two grades - Light Duty or Heavy Wall.

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Hydraulic Hose Heavy Wall Wrap Hydraulic Hose Heavy Wall Wrap

Sold in 25', 50' & 100' Lengths

Hydraulic Hose Light Duty Wrap Hydraulic Hose Light Duty Wrap

Sold in 25', 50' & 100' Lengths

Hydraulic Hose Spring Guard Hydraulic Hose Spring Guard

Sold in 10 Foot Lengths