Female Metric Flat Face Straight (FMFFS) w/ Ferrule

Product Code: FemaleMetric-14-04FFS



 CRIMP OD  100R1 HOSE  100R16 HOSE  100R2 Hose
 -4 0.681 0.696 0.724
-6 0.755 0.775 0.811
-8 0.874 0.881 0.921

*Not Compatible with Weatherhead Crimpers*

Straight Female Metric O-Ring Face Seal Hose Barbs, in various sizes and styles.

These Metric Flat Face fittings conform to the GB/T 9065.3 specifications.

Not Available through Parker, Gates or Eaton.

Custom Made.

For more information see below, or contact one of our salesmen at 434-392-9833.

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