Any company that sells products to the general public, industrial and commercial businesses or resale businesses. A dealer is a registered business. Individuals that sell products who are not a registered businesses are not Dealers. A Dealer typically sells different brand name products and may or may not be classified as an Authorized Distributor of a specific brand name. Dealers are less likely to have written contracts with Manufacturers and often use Free Lance concepts in the marketing of their products.


 A Distributor often but not always has a written contract to sell select brand name products. Distributors may also be restricted to sell products only in designated geographic areas or may be restricted by the manufacturer to sell products at predetermined maximum or minimum price levels. Distributors typically have more access then dealers in regard to product availability as well as access to marketing materials, incentive programs and rights to promote products using Manufacture logos, trademarks and graphic images of the products they represent.

Primary list of Hydraulic Hose and Fittings brand names offered by Universal Hose and fittings:

Brand Name                                         Dealer                                   Distributor

Couplamatic Systems                                                                                Yes

Parker                                                     Yes                                                 No

Kurt Hydraulics                                                                                            Yes

Gates                                                      Yes                                                 No

NRP Jones                                                                                                    Yes

Polyhose                                                                                                       Yes

Eaton                                                      Yes                                                  No

Koman                                                   Yes

Manuli                                                                                                            Yes

Gates Products Disclaimer:

Universal Hose and Fittings is classified as a Dealer of many hose brands including Gates. We are not an Authorized Distributor for Gates. The Gates Corporation does not endorse, or sanction the products sold by Universal Hose and Fittings. The Gates products we offer on this web site are Genuine Gates products. Our products are purchased from Authorized Gates Distributors, Distressed sellers, or Independent sources who supply products related to our Industry. 


Parker Disclaimer:

Universal Hose and Fittings and it's related companies are in no way affiliated with The Parker Hannifin Corporation. All descriptions, part numbers and use of the Parker name are for reference purpose only. The Parker Hannifin Corporation is the sole owner of the Parker name and Trademark and has not sponsored or endorsed Universal Hose and Fittings or their respective products including the products described on this web page. Interchange fittings are made by Couplamatic.

Eaton Disclaimer:

Universal Hose and Fittings is not a registered Distributor for Eaton products. We are classified as a Dealer who sells Eaton products. The Eaton Corporation does not endorse, or sanction the products sold by Universal Hose and Fittings. All Genuine Eaton products we offer on this web site have been purchase either from Eaton Authorized Distributors, distressed sellers, or Independent sources who supply products to our Industry. Eaton “Z” series or “1AA series Interchange Fittings are manufactured in the USA by Couplamatic Systems.






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