EATON AEROQUIP 1AA (Interchange)


NPT Male

NPT Male Swivel

NPT Male Swivel 90

NPT Female Rigid

NPT Female Swivel

JIC Male

JIC Female

JIC Female 45

JIC Female 90 Short

JIC Female 90 Long

ORB Male

ORFS Female

ORFS Female 45

ORFS Female 90 Short

ORFS Female 90 Long


UniversalHose and Fittings is not a registered Distributor for Eaton products. We areclassified as a Dealer who sells Eaton products. The Eaton Corporation does notendorse, or sanction the products sold by Universal Hose and Fittings. AllGenuine Eaton products we offer on this web site have been purchase either fromEaton Authorized Distributors, distressed sellers, or Independent sources whosupply products to our Industry. Eaton “Z” series or “1AA series InterchangeFittings are manufactured in the USA by Couplamatic Systems.