Custom Crimp D100 Die

Product Code: CC-D100-7.5



Before you add to cart, learn more about identifying D100:

Common concerns of choosing the right Die Set

My Die Set Looks Different

1) My notches look different

2) My notches have a different design

3) My Dies have no notches

4) My Die plate is round, your website shows a plate with flat spots

None of this matters. D100 style Dies have been produce for over 25 years. On occasion slight changes occur in the Die design, but that does not affect the crimp specs.

If your Die Set has flat screws on the inside of the Die Plate, do not order any D100

Metric Size Dies. You will need to order our Dayco NP 60 Dies or Special “English Dies”


My dies are not metric but the flat head screw is on the outside of the die plate, what do I order?


You have the “English” version D100 Dies. Mostly found on Dayco D100/D105 crimpers. These are not NP60 Dies. If you have the “English” version D100 Dies give us a call. (434)392-9833.

Dies are commonly marked .520, .670, .870, 1.100, etc.


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